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Former Students

Graduate Advising

Note 1: At MIT, only two faculty members formally form the Ph.D. committee, but students typically have more than two advisors. I include here all students where I played the role equivalent of committee member, including meeting regularly and writing recommendation letters for the job market.

Note 2: An asterisk indicates primary advisor or co-principal advisor.

Student Name Ph.D. Institution Ph.D. Yearsort ascending Field Initial Placement Current Position
Camilo Castillo Stanford 2020 Industrial Organization UPenn Assistant Professor in the Economics Department, University of Pennsylvania
Rina Friedberg Stanford 2020 Statistics LinkedIn LinkedIn
Kun Kuang Tsinghua 2019 Computer Science (Machine Learning) Department of Computer Science, Zhejiang University Department of Computer Science, Zhejiang University
Zhengyuan Zhou Stanford 2019 Electrical Engineering (Operations Research, Machine Learning) NYU Stern NYU Stern
Maria Dimakopoulou Stanford 2019 Management Science and Engineering/Reinforcement Learning Netflix Netflix
Rob Donnely* Stanford GSB 2019 Industrial Organization Facebook Core Data Science
Gleb Romanyuk Harvard 2017 Microeconomic Theory Amazon Amazon
Zoe Cullen Stanford 2016 Labor/Digitization Harvard Business School Harvard Business School
Stefan Wager Stanford 2016 Statistics Stanford Graduate School of Business Stanford Graduate School of Business
Jing Xia Harvard 2016 Industrial Organization Cornerstone Research Cornerstone Research
Chiara Farronato Stanford 2015 Industrial Organization/Market Design Harvard Business School Harvard Business School
Nikhil Agarwal Harvard 2013 Industrial Organization/Market Design MIT MIT
Jacob Leshno Harvard 2012 Microeconomic Theory/Market Design Columbia Chicago Booth
Eduardo Azevedo Harvard 2012 Microeconomic Theory/Market Design U. Penn U. Penn
Maya Meidan Stanford 2011 Industrial Organization/Trade Cornerstone Cornerstone
Yuichi Yamamoto Harvard 2011 Microeconomic Theory U. Penn U. Penn
Scott Kominers Harvard 2011 Microeconomic Theory/Market Design Harvard Society of Fellows Harvard Business School
Itay Fainmesser Harvard 2010 Microeconomic Theory/Networks/Market Design Brown Johns Hopkins
Eric Budish Harvard 2009 Microeconomic Theory/Market Design University of Chicago GSB University of Chicago GSB
Mihai Manea Harvard 2009 Microeconomic Theory MIT MIT
Jonathan Kolstad Harvard 2009 Empirical Health/IO Wharton UC Berkeley
Robin Lee Harvard 2008 Empirical and Theoretical IO New York University, Yahoo! Research Post-doc Harvard
Nageeb Ali* Stanford 2007 Microeconomic Theory UC San Diego Penn State
Enrique Seira Stanford 2007 Empirical Development/IO World Bank ITAM, Mexico
Sean Chu* Stanford 2007 Empirical IO Federal Reserve Board (D.C.) Facebook Data Science
Matthew Osborne* Stanford 2006 Empirical IO Department of Justice University of Toronto
Ignacio Esponda* Stanford 2006 Microeconomic Theory New York University UC Santa Barbara
Saumitra Jha* Stanford 2006 Development/History/Political Economics/Theory Harvard University, Academy Scholar Post-Doc Stanford GSB
Lu Han Stanford 2005 Empirical IO, Finance, Real Estate University of Toronto Business University of Toronto Business
Catherine Tucker Stanford 2005 Empirical IO, Strategy MIT Sloan School MIT Sloan School
Vinicius Carrasco* Stanford 2005 Microeconomic Theory, Organizations Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro
David Miller* Stanford 2004 Microeconomic Theory UC San Diego Michigan
Amalia Miller Stanford 2004 Empirical Applied Microeconomics University of Virginia University of Virginia
Kelly Wang Stanford 2004 Banking, Econometrics, Empirical IO University of Tokyo Federal Reserve Board (D.C.)
Morten Sorenson Stanford 2004 Empirical IO, Finance University of Chicago GSB Columbia
Pai Yin Stanford 2003 Auctions, Empirical IO Harvard Business School USC Marshall
Mara (Berman) Lederman MIT 2003 Empirical IO University of Toronto Business University of Toronto Business
Eiichiro Kazumori* Stanford 2003 Auctions, Microeconomic Theory Cal Tech Postdoc The University of Massachusetts
Donald Nichols* Stanford 2003 Empirical Health Economics Washington University in St. Louis IMPAQ
Ravi Singh Stanford 2003 Microeconomic Theory, Organizations Harvard Business School
Astrid Dick* MIT 2002 Banking, Empirical IO Federal Reserve Board (D.C.) INSEAD
Katherine Doornik Stanford GSB 2002 Microeconomic Theory, Organizations University College Oxford St. John's College Oxford
Erin Baker Stanford MSE 2002 Microeconomic Theory/Environmental University of Massachusetts, Amherst University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Scott Ashworth MIT 2000 Applied Theory/Political Economy Harvard Government Chicago/Harris School
Sharon Novak MIT 1999 Empirical Organizations MIT
Max Amarante MIT 1999 Microeconomic Theory Columbia University of Montreal
Paul Ellickson* MIT 1999 Empirical IO Rochester/Simon School Rochester/Simon School
Jaime Ortega MIT 1998 Microeconomic Theory, Organizations Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Margaret Hwang Smith Harvard 1996 Empirical Organizations Pomona

Undergraduate Advising

These students either wrote a thesis under my supervision, or else I served as an advisor and letter-writer for their graduate school applications.

Student Name Undergrad / Predoctoral Program B.A./ Completion Yearsort ascending Ph.D. Institution Ph.D. Year Initial Placement Undergrad Thesis Title
Mitchell Linegar Stanford GSB RF 2020 CalTech 2020 Stanford GSB Research Fellow
Matt Schaelling Stanford 2020 Brown University SIEPR predoctoral program
Zanele Munyikwa Stanford GSB RF 2017 MIT Sloan Compositional Approaches for Document Level Sentiment Analysis
Sebastian Steffen Microsoft Research 2016 MIT
Aaron Kaye Microsoft Research 2015 Michigan
Zarek Brot-Goldberg Microsoft Research 2014 UC Berkeley 2019
Rob Donnelly Microsoft Research 2014 Stanford GSB 2019
Bryan Callaway Microsoft Research 2013 Masters-Stanford
Jeff Qiu Microsoft Research 2013 Yale 2019
Daniel Waldinger Microsoft Research 2013 MIT 2018 NYU
Ben Klopack Texas A&M 2013 Stanford
Josh Feng Microsoft Research 2012 Harvard 2018 NBER Postdoctoral Fellow
Michael Diadato Harvard 2010 Survival of the Biddest: Bid Wars on eBay and How Sellers Can Respond
Scott Kominers Harvard 2009 Harvard 2011 Harvard Society of Fellows Weighted Generating Functions and Configuration Results for Type II Lattices and Codes
Rezwan Haque Harvard 2009 Harvard
Christopher Sullivan Harvard 2009 Michigan 2017 University of Wisconsin-Madison The Ice Cream Split: Empirically Distinguishing Price and Product Space Collusion
Alexander Marcus Harvard 2009 Harvard
Dmitry Taubinsky Harvard 2009 Harvard 2014 Dartmouth
David Yang Harvard 2009 Harvard
Fan Zhang Harvard 2009 Harvard
Clara Anderson Harvard 2009 Who Moves Preferences And Why? Quantifying Social Influence In An Experiment Involving Harvard Undergraduates
Eric Sun Stanford 2005 Stanford Statistics The Effects of Auction Parameters on Price Dispersion and Bidder Entry on eBay: A Conditional Logit Analysis (Anna Laura Meyers Prize Winner)
Alex Kendall Stanford 2004 MIT Stochastic Bundling With and Without a Secondary Market (Sobieski Award Winner)
Florian Reichling Stanford 2004 Effects of Reputation Mechanisms on Fraud Prevention at eBay
Julia Thornton Stanford 2004 Minnesota
Justin Svec Stanford 2003 Columbia 2009 College of the Holy Cross Default Risk in Banking
Cristian Voicu Stanford 2002 Harvard 2007 Redbrick Partners Dynamic Procurement Auctions with Capacity Constraints (Stanford University Firestone Medal Winner)
Heather Wasserlain MIT 1999 Technology and Market Structure of the Pre-Jet Aircraft Industry
Irena Asmundson MIT 1998 Stanford 2005 IMF The Impact of 911 Technology on Health Outcomes and Hospital Allocation for Automobile Accidents
Marcos Chamon MIT 1998 Harvard 2004 IMF
Sandra Chan MIT 1998 MIT Charles River Associates
Winnie Choi MIT 1998 Stanford 2005 Barclays Capital
Robin Greenwood MIT 1998 Harvard 2003 Harvard Business School